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About Renegade
We all offer something different and that is what makes us who we are. We are members of a team meant to be and do differently against the stream; that is the standardized rat race of life. We are Renegades.
Meet The Team
Devaun Bernard

Graphic Design/Animation

Chad-Omar Turner

"I lead those that wish to grow beyond their limitations and dream beyond the conventional because impossibility is just a word fear brings to those unwilling to walk the path of a renegade. "

- Chad-Omar Turner

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Abigail Palma Copywriter/Creative
Deandra Calvert Photographer/Creative
Howard Johnson Web Developer
Sean-Anthony Martin Animator
Giovahn Wright Illustrator/Creative
Stefan Davis Illustrator/Creative
If you're interested, get to know our team's work and projects we've done so far. We promise that your experience with them will be far from regret
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